INFAI UK Breath Test Company

INFAI UK is an advanced Breath Test company, providing services in the United Kingdom since 1997. The company has pioneered the use of stable isotopes and NMR in gastroenterology, metabolic diseases and oncology. INFAI UK's laboratory is equipped with the most advanced stable isotope mass spectrometers (IRMS). Breath test results can be provided within 24 hours.
In the last years INFAI UK developed a range of Helicobacter breath tests:

  • Helicobacter Test INFAI 75 mg for mass spectrometry (EU/1/97/045/001)
  • Helicobacter Test INFAI 75 mg for infrared spectroscopy (EU/1/97/045/002)
  • Helicobacter Test INFAI 45 mg for children from the ages of 3-11, for mass spectrometry (EU/1/97/045/003)
  • CLINIPAC 50 - for hospitals; 50 vials of 75 mg 13C-urea, for infrared spectroscopy (EU/1/97/045/004)
  • CLINIPAC BASIC - only 50 vials of 75 mg 13C-urea, for mass spectrometry or infrared spectroscopy (EU/1/97/045/005)

INFAI UK Ltd.  is a 100% subsidiary of INFAI (Germany). INFAI develops and manufactures modern pharmaceutical products and medical devices at the sites in Cologne and Bochum. For more information about INFAI see

Further breath tests for measuring the rate of gastric emptying are currently undergoing an approval process by EMA and will be available soon. Other breath tests developed by INFAI UK are

The non-invasive characteristics of these techniques make them particularly suitable for paediatric use.