NMR Spectroscopy


Nuclear magnetic resonance is among the most powerful spectroscopic techniques in use today. It has experienced a tremendous development over the last decades, and keeps evolving at an amazing pace. INFAI operates a newly purchased, state-of-the-art NMR spectrometer, a Bruker Avance III 600MHz liquid-state spectrometer (see pictures below). The spectrometer has all necessary equipment to perform fully automated high-throughput investigations.


NMR-investigation and service

Currently, INFAI is engaged in the following NMR-based activities:

Analysis of body fluids   INFAI has long-standing experience in the spectroscopic investigation of body fluids, including blood, plasma, urine, and liquor 
Metabo Test INFAI   This test offers a simple standardized and cost-effective way to integrate NMR-analysis of children's urine into diagnosis and clinical testing 
Newborn screening in Turkey   In cooperation with Bruker BioSpin and 15 study centers in 8 cities in Turkey, INFAI has organized a clinical trial for screening newborns for metabolic disease 
Clinical studies   In a number of clinical studies headed or supported by INFAI, NMR spectroscopy of body fluids gives invaluable supportive or complementary information