Helicobacter Test for Children

Helicobacter Test INFAI® for children age 3-11 (45mg)

 Unique features

  • Internationally approved
    Helicobacter Test INFAI® is registered in all countries of the European Union and subsequently accepted by many other countries.
  • Easy to use
    The simple and patient friendly test protocol ensures a high degree of reliability and compliance.
  •  Non invasive
    ¹³C-urea is already present in the human body so there is no reason to expect any harmful side effects. The test can be used during pregnancy and lactation.
  • No contraindication
    No contraindications of the test are known. 
  • Highly reliable post-eradication control
    The test kit is designed for use both before and after eradication treatment.
  •  Sensitive and specific
    The efficacy of the test in detecting active Helicobacter pylori identifies it as the new gold standard.
  • Cost effective
    In many cases a breath test can demonstrate Helicobacter pylori infection without recourse to endoscopy.


Drug formulation for the Helicobacter Test INFAI®

 Name   Active   Ingredient   Analytics   EU-No.
Helicobacter Test INFAI®
for children age 3-11
  45 mg   ¹³C-Urea   mass spectrometry   EU/1/97/045/003

The following drug formulations of the Helicobacter Test INFAI® are available in the European Union and in many other countries worldwide:



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